BPA Fall 2-Man Hitting League Rules

  1. Each team will consist of 2 players however a team can compete with 1 player hitting twice.
  2. Each player will receive 6 swings per at bat. Only the first at-bat per inning will count towards that player individual stats but both at-bats will count towards the team stats.
  3. Each team will hit all their players in succession 1-4, once both teams have finished hitting that constitutes 1 inning. Games are 6 innings or 30 min whichever comes first. Drop dead time of 30 minutes.
  4. Line Drive Hitting League Point System: Any ball the hits the Iron Mike protective screen=1 point. Any ball the hits the “2”section=2 points, any ball that hits the “3”section=3 points, any ball that hits the “4” section=4 points. Any ball that strikes the ground, side net or top net prior to hitting the banner=0 points. If ball hits on any of the lines the highest number value is awarded. If the ball misses the banner but hits anywhere on the back net on a live drive=1 point.
  5. Each players individual score as well as the team score will be totaled and recorded on score sheet.
  6. If the game ends in a tie a tee will be placed in front of the plate and each team will go in their original order alternating teams until a winner is declared.
  7. Scoresheets will be turned in to a BPA staff member prior to leaving with a total and a winner at the bottom of the sheet.
  8. All disputes will be settled amongst the players without any yelling or disruption of the other games.
  9. If players cannot come to a resolution a BPA staff member will make the call and it will be FINAL.