Private Lessons

Our BPA instructors are available for private and semi-private lessons. Email us at or call us at (760) 652-0120 to schedule a session.


Single Lesson Non-Member-1/2 hour                                                            $60.00
Non-Member 5 Pak-1/2 hour lessons                                                            $270.00 (Save $30)
Non-Member 10 Pak-1/2 hour lessons                                                          $480.00 (Save $60)
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Single Lesson Member-1/2 hour                                                                     $50.00
Member 5 Pak-1/2 hour lessons                                                                     $225.00 (Save $25)
Member 10 Pak-1/2 hour lessons                                                                   $400.00 (Save $50)
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BPA Instructors

Chris Doyle, Baseball Hitting and Defense InstructorCHRIS DOYLE

Chris’ experience at the professional level, solid baseball background and open communication style provide him with the essential tools, skills and perspective to coach and expertly evaluate talent at all ages.

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Ryan Smith, Baseball Hitting and Defense Instructor


Ryan’s love for the game and expertise in all facets of coaching and skill development makes Ryan an invaluable asset to both BPA and our athletes.

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John Pecoraro, Baseball Hitting and Defense Instructor


John brings energy to BPASD and a broad knowledge of the game. With his many years of playing and teaching, he has developed a coaching style that excites and motivates our athletes. Over the past few years he has worked with many current and former professional baseball players.

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Sean Lucas, Pitching and Hitting InstructorSEAN LUCAS

Sean stresses the importance of academics and proper technique in his coaching. His focus, expertise and level of play throughout college, graduate school, and in the MLB gives Sean broad perspective on the dynamics of the game and he applies that knowledge to teaching our BPA athletes.

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Tim Leary, Pitching & Hitting InstructorTIM LEARY

Tim’s professional experience coupled with a sports and science education gives him strong insight to how technique affects performance.





Casey Edelbrock, Pitching InstructorCASEY EDELBROCK

As a baseball coach and former semi-professional athlete, Casey, coaches, guides and empowers each student to optimum athletic and personal success.




Kevin Lovelace, Pitching & Hitting InstructorKEVIN LOVELACE

As an elementary educator in the public sector, Kevin understands the importance of academics and how they apply to baseball fundamentals. His coaching coupled with teaching and college and professional ball experience allow Kevin to relate well to athletes and impart strong knowledge to athletes.



Katie Jo Nelson Soukup, Softball Pitching, Hitting & Fielding InstructorKATIE JO NELSON SOUKUP

As an accomplished local North County athlete who played at elite and top tier levels prior and throughout her D1 college career, Katie Jo believes softball is based on fundamental skills combined with mental strength. Her core belief is that knowledge wins games.

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